Brooklyn’s Expert Physical Therapists Give Tips To Have A Good Posture

Man Having Back Pain For Having A Bad Posture In BrooklynYou may find that you have a lot of aches and pains when it comes to moving around. There may be several causes – like your knee may be bothering you or you might need to shed a few pounds, or arthritis may be coming a bit early. Still, there is another reason that you might not be thinking of – your posture.

Yes… the way that you sit and stand can have an effect on how your body feels. It can effect everything from your spine to your lower back to more. If you have slumped shoulders or a curved back when you walk or sit or run, then that will have a domino effect over the course of time. But is there anything that can be done? Yes.

This post will tell you the answer to the question, “Can physical therapy correct posture?”

Break Your Poor Posture Habits

The areas that tend to be affected most are your back, neck, and shoulders. They will become tense and painful, which can then make working a lot more difficult than it was in the past. It may be tempting to try to fix this by trying to pull your shoulders as far back as you can. This will result in even more stiff and tense muscles. You should try other methods.

Your posture can affect way more than just your body. You can wind up with poor sleep, circulation, weaker lung function, bad digestion (slouching can affect your digestive tract), pinched or constricted nerves, and spinal misalignment or curvature. Your body is very intricate and seemingly unrelated things can wind up causing issues for you.

Do Posture Correctors Work?

While there are some exercises that can help (see below), you can also get a posture corrector that you wear for several hours a day. They can help your spinal muscles activate instead of atrophying from being kept in the same position. Plus they can target some key areas.

You usually want to get a soft corrector rather than one with harder material. Make sure that it will focus on your neck, lower back, and cervical thoracic junction. Since you will be wearing it for a while, you want to make sure that they are both comfortable and are easy to use (you really don’t want to get hurt trying to put it on, after all). A key thing when researching these is to make sure they come in a size that fits you.

Physical Therapy Exercises To Prevent Bad Posture

Yes, exercise can help fix posture. You can get a good regimen from a physical therapist. While some exercises do require you to use some equipment, you can also easily do a whole routine at your home too when not at the center that uses nothing more than your body weight. This can save a lot of money and you can do it in a familiar place.

Here are some of them:

Child’s Pose

You can become young again here by kneeling and then stretching your body on the floor while keeping your knees where you are.

Forward Fold

Stand up and bend over like you are trying to touch your toes. You can slightly bend your knees and let your spine lengthen. Do this for a minute each time.

Chest Opener

No, this is not a piece of equipment that a surgeon or EMT might have to help someone who is in trouble. You do this to stretch your chest and open it up. If you sit around a lot for your job, this is a very good one to do.

It’s important to be mindful of your posture. While it may not seem to immediately affect you, doing things like slumping in your chair at your desk will lead to long-term problems. You can get aid from those physical therapists and doing the exercises and stretches that you saw above.

Ultimately, as you get older, you will be glad that you took care of your posture. Your later years will be much more pain-free and you will feel much better as you walk around. Doing this can keep you from a lot of possible regrets and misery. Then you can focus on your happiness, not your pain. A straight back can be a reward in more ways than one.

Professional Physiotherapist Correcting A Posture In Brooklyn

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