Phoenix Physical Therapy keeps growing to better help the people of New York – especially those who would have lengthy commutes into Manhattan. They have worked with residents of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Rosedale. Now they have added a third place – Dix Hills.

This arrival is a great thing for those residents – the staff of Phoenix Dix Hills will bring their dedication to aiding people who have had anything from a recent car accident to surgery to recovering from an injury to part of their body that has pain, like their neck, back, and shoulders.

Brooklyn Physical Therapy NY

Excellent Equipment

When you come to Phoenix Physical Therapy, you’ll find that the courteous staff will come up with the best plan of action for you. There are several types that you can:

Passive Physical Therapy Rehabilitation


This is when the physical therapist will do everything. It includes deep tissue massage and ultrasound.

Active-Assisted Physical Therapy


You’ll be doing exercises with the help of the physical therapist, since your strength or range of motion may not be where it needs to be.

Active and Assisted Physical Therapy Rehab


You’ll be doing the exercises yourself – this is the main goal of the physical therapist. You’ll also get exercises to do at home to help your build your strength or range of motion.

All of this will be done with state-of-the art equipment. There’s everything from weights to spinal decompression machines, as well as specified areas for stretching.

Extended Hours

Like their other two locations, the Phoenix Dix Hills center has longer hours than most other physical therapists. This makes life easier for all patients, since they won’t feel stressed trying to fit a visit in their daily routine. An added bonus is that there’s a shopping center nearby so they can also run important errands before or after their visits.

If you live in or near Dix Hills, NY, come see what they can do for you.
Give them a call to make an appointment.