Physical Therapy in Rosedale

pt momentA recent surgery, car accident or injury at work or home could leave a person in pain and discomfort. With convenient services for physical therapy in Rosedale, 11422 – South Queens, residents do not have to go all over the city in order to find care and relief from their pain.

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The Phoenix physical therapy center offers a full range of services for people with neck, shoulder, arm, back, hip, knee and ankle pain and injuries. Convenient location and therapy hours make the office ideal for people with busy work or school schedules who need the relief that physical therapy provides.

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Physical Therapy Services in Rosedale

Various types of physical therapy are offered at the Rosedale center. Passive treatments such as ultrasound and deep tissue massage relax tight muscles and help reduce stiffness that is common after injury or surgery.

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Physical therapists also offer instructions on how to do stretching, resistance and ergonomics exercises at home. These allow patients to exercise between appointments, advancing their recoveries and building their core strength.

Strengthening exercises practiced in the center allow the therapists to coach and guide patients with ergonomics and posture. This helps reduce the risk of relapsing and getting new injuries.

Who Benefits from Physical Therapy in Rosedale?

Anyone who has a soft tissue injury could benefit from physical therapy. Tendinitis in the knee or shoulder, persistent low back pain or a sprained neck and shoulder after an auto accident are some of the most common reasons why people come in for treatment.

People who have had a recent spine or joint surgery also benefit from Rosedale physical therapy services. The sessions help patients regain their full range of motion and build core strength for endurance and joint stability.

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Extended Hours and Appointment Times

Finding the time to schedule therapy sessions is often challenging for many people. By offering appointment times from the early morning through afternoons and late nights, it is easier for people to fit it into their schedules.


People who work at Kennedy Airport or who commute to other neighborhoods of Queens find it easy to stop in for an appointment during their lunch hours or on the way to or from work or school. The appointment times are long enough depending on each person’s needs.

Convenient Location

The South Queens Rosedale center is easy to get to, located near the intersection of Brookville Boulevard and 147th Avenue. This suite is just a few blocks away from the Belt Parkway and the Rosedale public transit station.

There is plenty of on-site parking in the well-lit parking lot. After a physical therapy session, many patients enjoy the convenience of visiting one of the many supermarkets, restaurants or parks nearby.

Taking a walk in the neighboring Brookville Park, Idlewild Park, or Hook Wildlife Sanctuary could be a great way to include the recommended exercises suggested by the physical therapist.

Physical Therapy successfully treats back and neck pain, muscle spasms, ankle and heel pain, hand and wrist problems or any and many more conditions dealing with musculoskeletal issues to restore mobility, function, freedom to move, freedom to live.