Knowing The Consequences Of Vertebral Compression Fractures & Where To Treat Them

A men with vertebral compression fractures in NY

You find that your back is hurting. It might not be just because you are getting older … your spine might have small cracks in it due to osteoporosis. This condition will weaken your bones and leave them open to getting fractured. It can be aggravating and having back pain all day is no fun.

So what can you do? It might be a good idea to see a physical therapist in Brooklyn. Knowing the consequences of vertebral compression fractures & where to treat them is very important. Read on to learn more.

What Is A Spinal Compression Fracture?

As mentioned before, it’s when your spine has weakened due to osteoporosis and then there are cracks that cause pain and discomfort in your back. You might be surprised – the people who get it are usually between the ages of 40 and 50. Of course, older people can be prone to getting it, but this also is an age when people are more active, which can then lead to fractures.

There are several risk factors. People who smoke can have bone loss earlier than non-smokers. Women who have had menopause before the age of 50 are also susceptible to getting osteoporosis. Another surprise: thin women are also more at risk. The human body is a logic-defying thing sometimes.

How Can Manual Therapy Help With Pain Management?

Yes, a Brooklyn physical therapist can do techniques and treatments to help manage your pain from a compression fracture. That includes manual treatment, which can be quite helpful. They can also give you strengthening exercises, work with you on your balance and also show you stretches to keep yourself more flexible.

Preventing Further Loss Of Muscle Mass & Flexibility

While it is important to avoid doing certain movements, you should also improve your flexibility and improve your muscle strength to help support your body. That way, you can safely do the everyday movements that you do need to perform without compromising your stability and your ability to lift things without causing back pain. It’s all about stability.

What Sort Of Precautions Should I Take At Home?

You can do things like keeping the correct posture when you are doing things at home. That will lessen pressure on your spine. Also, you shouldn’t do things that require a lot of twisting or bending of the spine. Set up your home so that there are little to no chances of falling – like possibly switching a bathtub to a walk-in shower. Limit your alcohol intake to avoid any balance problems. Exercise regularly and take vitamins to help keep your bones strong.

Are Spinal Decompression Systems Always Necessary?

How to treat vertebral compression fractures in NY

You might see a machine that looks like a flat version of a squat machine. There are shoulder pads with a handle that you grab. This is a spinal decompression system and it slowly stretches your spine as you lay on your back. Scientists are still researching the effectiveness of this compared to surgery, but it is something worth discussing with your doctor and Brooklyn physical therapist. It may depend on what your situation is like.

There are other things that you can do to help yourself with your spinal compression fracture. They include wearing a back brace to help keep your spine aligned, taking medication to help heal your bones, and not doing anything too intense, like running. Before you start that exercise program, you might want to rest a bit before getting the okay from the doctor.

Yes, having spinal compression fractures can be frustrating, but both medicine and physical therapy have advanced over the years to help you regain your life back. It will take some time and effort on your part to get you there. There may have to be lifestyle adjustments as well, but that will be well worth being able to walk around with less pain. Then you can go about your day with less concern about your back.

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