The Benefits Of Physiotherapy To Completely Heal Your Ankle Sprain

Expert Physiotherapist treating a patient suffering from an ankle sprain in NY

It can happen anytime. You can be playing a game of basketball and inadvertently step on someone’s foot. You might step in a hole while walking or running. The result is your being on the ground and your ankle is already swelling. What can you do to get back and walk regularly – not hobbling or being supported by people around you.

There’s a great solution for you – you should consider the benefits of physiotherapy in Brooklyn to completely heal your ankle sprain. Here’s how to treat an ankle sprain with physical therapy rehabilitation in New York.

What Is The Difference Between An Ankle Sprain, Strain Or Fracture

The first thing you want to know is what you are dealing with. This will determine what course of action you take. It also depends on how severe these are, since something like a mild ankle sprain will just result in your taking a few days off before resuming normal activities and others may have you wearing a walking boot or cast for a bit before you go to physical therapy in Rosedale.

Here are the differences:

Ankle Sprain

This happens when you roll your ankle awkwardly and you stretch or even tear the ligaments around it. There are also degrees of severity when it comes to ankle sprains. A Grade 1 is mino, Grade 2 is more severe and Grade 3 is a complete tear, which will require a month or more to heal. You will likely see bruising around the area.

Ankle Strain

It can be hard to tell the difference between a strain and a sprain when it comes to your ankle. The biggest difference is that you will have muscle spasms with a strain as opposed to the bruising around a sprain. Your doctor may need you to take an MRI of the area to fully diagnose what it is.

Ankle Fracture

This means that the bone is involved and has been broken to a certain degree. When you have an ankle fracture, you want to minimize the chances of the bone getting even more fractured. Here is where you will find yourself needing a boot or cast and you will also likely need crutches to get from place to place to avoid putting pressure on your foot.

The Great Advantages Of Treating An Ankle Sprain With Professional Physiotherapists

Improve Motion & Flexibility To Go Back To Your Normal Activities

When you see a physical therapist in Brooklyn, they will work with you on getting your ankle back to its range of motion so that things like walking will be easier for you. The more range you have, the better off you will be.

Manual Therapy To Reduce Pain & Swelling

The physical therapist in Rosedale can use their hands to improve your ankle. They will do things like massage, and they can manipulate your foot to improve the range of motion. By doing this, your foot will feel significantly better and there usually is a lot less swelling in the area, which will improve things a great deal.

Learn Effective Home-Exercises To Prevent Further Sport Injuries

Athlete suffering from an ankle sprain injury in NY

There are plenty of things you can do at home to strengthen your ankles to prevent things like this from happening. They include writing the alphabet in the air with your big toe, using your toes to grab tissues and towels, and various stretches that you can do improve the overall mobility of your feet and ankles.

While it’s a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings when walking, running or playing a sport, things happen and you may wind up with an injured ankle. Before seeing a doctor and subsequently a physical therapist, you should rest with your foot elevated and apply ice to it to keep swelling down. Then your doctor can X-Ray the area to determine what happened and your next course of action.

If you do go to a physical therapist in Brooklyn, it’s important to do their exercises at home too. Just doing them at the gym with them will not be effective. If you want to strengthen the area around the ankle and have good mobility, then those at-home exercises are imperative. Then you will find yourself walking around with more confidence and you may be able to stave off a recurrence.

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