Medical massage at Phoenix Physical Therapy NY Massage may be regarded simply to “relieve tension” but its value in medical and therapeutic treatment may have been overlooked.

Many benefits can be forwarded and argued regarding massage therapy, and these are not in question or disputed. Many have received its benefits and swear by it for a variety of uses from stress relief to relaxation. Its benefits abound.

What tends to go overlooked, however, is the enhanced benefit that can make its results far greater: multi-disciplinary use.

In this new age of medicine team approaches to medical issues make massage more valuable than ever.

While massage therapy has earned its reputation as a valid, useful therapy, how it is used, on whom and for what condition is really the key difference in its effectiveness manifest in the final result on a patient.

The twenty-teens have been a new age of medical approach, one which is more holistic in nature. Multi-disciplinary medicine and its recent popularity is a manifestation of this and has both diagnostic and therapeutic ramifications. With less “super-specialization” in diagnosis, a more holistic investigation into the patient’s condition provides for more effective treatment. So-called “team treatment” addresses a condition from all angles, yielding a longer-lasting, more permanent result.

Medical massage is the new back rub.

Gone are the days massage is considered just a back rub, or an activity on a vacation cruise, but this does not imply massage therapists are worthless. What should be considered, however, is what is it someone if looking to solve by seeking out massage therapy, especially outside of a medical setting.

The benefits of medical massage, therefore, are that it can be used as part of a collective program and make treatment of any condition slight or severe faster and more effective. For instance, with chiropractic care, it can release points of tension which bar full benefit from an adjustment. It can alleviate tension suppressing range of motion and assist physical therapy. It can do all sorts of things.

Common reasons to seek massage may need some medical attention too.

There are many reasons one might get the idea that massage is needed. Repetitive motions and heavy lifting, even sitting in one position in front of a computer or on the phone at work, all to the end of pain or tension, these comprise such rationale, very common indeed. Exacerbated by poor diet or habits, stressful family, home or work life, even traumas, it becomes clear that a multi-faceted approach to such issues is warranted and that a massage itself is not going to result in a permanent fix.

Factually, much greater results have been gotten out of massage therapy when, after medical diagnosis, a treatment plan has been developed addressing the correct source and all involved angles of the condition. Treatments such as physical therapy, weight loss programs, chiropractic care and others in combination with massage, case after case, are “just what the doctor ordered” yielding more than relief.

This team approach to alleviating unwanted conditions involving all possible therapies could be referred to as a “complete care” concept, of which medical massage is merely one aspect. It means a team approach is taken, especially diagnostically where it is needed most, and integrated treatment is utilized. This allows for unique targeting of trouble-causing areas which can then be alleviated. 

Medical massage is but one of the many facets of team-concept treatments available at Phoenix Physical Therapy. The massage is performed by one of our physical therapists who fully understand how the body responds and what muscle groups need to be addressed.. Don’t settle for less than all that is available to alleviate your pain.