Mobilization Therapy: The Massive Benefits Of Kinesiology Tape

Rosedale’s Trusted Physical Therapists Explain The Advantages Of Medical Kinesio Taping

A physical therapist placing kinesio tape on a woman's arm in NY

Have you seen photos of athletes and other people working out or playing sports and they have what looks like vividly colored bandages on them? No, these are not used to cover up really big scratches. This is kinesiology tape and they are widely used by physical therapists to help them get the best results for their clients.

Still not sure? We have Rosedale’s trusted physical therapists explain the advantages of medical kinesio taping, which is supposed to both aid the body’s healing process and stabilize muscles and joints while allowing for a full range of motion, here in this post.

Reduces Joint Irritation

Millions of people suffer from arthritis of the joints. It can severely limit their mobility and it can make day-to-day tasks quite difficult and painful. But kinesio tape can help in that area and improve their joints. It can also reduce the feeling of pain. People who have had difficulty doing something like holding a baby in their hands have reported that wearing the tape on their hands allows them to do that without any problem.

This tape can stay on for days at a time and it also helps by pulling on the skin to make room underneath to allow the joint to move around. The areas that it can be used on include the hand or the knee, the shoulder, or the ankle, or any other part of the body that the Rosedale physical therapist deems that it needs. It is really an all-purpose type of tape in that regard.

Increases Circulation

There is a school of thought where the application of the tape to an area that might not have the strongest blood flow would create tension on the skin would then make for an improvement. Studies have had differing results, but one by the developer of the tape did indicate that the kinesio tape could improve peripheral blood flow within minutes of its application, with the larger muscles getting up to a 60% boost and smaller ones getting 30 and 20% boosts in blood flow.

As with anything, people are going to have varying results, but it is worth trying if you have low circulation. Any improvement is beneficial and there was nothing in any study that was conducted that showed that there would be any detrimental effects. Be sure to talk to your physical therapist about it if you have any areas with low circulation.

Improves Athletic Performance

As mentioned before, you will see athletes from all kinds of sports using the kinesio tape. They can range from football to swimming. This is because they can get an improved range of motion over regular tape and this can help them play through an injury that might otherwise be too much of a nagging one.

The thing with this is that the benefit might be more of a psychological one than a totally physical one. The athlete feels better in the area that the tape is applied and it may help them get some mobility back, but there is also the risk that they may get too overconfident and push their body too hard. Then that could result in another injury. It’s really up to the athlete and their trainer/therapist to discuss things.

Decreases Pain & Doesn’t Restrict Mobility

This kinesio tape is much more stretchy than regular training tape, which is intended to keep things set in one position. The stretchiness allows people to keep the range of motion that they want while still facilitating healing and lowers pain, thanks to the tape lifting the skin and increasing the lymphatic flow through the body while also blocking some pain receptors.

It Can Prolong The Effects Of Physical Therapy

A physical therapist placing kinesio tape on a man's knee in NY

Physical therapy is great and it can help you get back to where you were before your injury or surgery. The thing is, it has to end some time and you need to keep it up afterward. Talk with your physical therapist about them showing you how to cut some strips of kinesio tape for yourself so that you can apply it at home. This will help you fpr your post-physical therapy life.

Kinesio tape, which was first invented in the 1970s by chiropractor Kenzo Kase, has been around for nearly 50 years. It has been shown to help all kinds of people and the material has been improved over that time. Should you use it? That is a question that you can ask your physical therapist about. If you both agree that it is worth it, then you can start improving your own range of motion and feel less pain.

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