Physical Therapy in Easy Meadow NYYou’ve lived in New York City and are looking to go to a quieter place, where there is a lot less hustle and bustle. You could do a lot worse than move to East Meadow – a hamlet in Long Island that has both great education and activities for its residents. There are plenty of nearby businesses there that will satisfy everyone’s needs, including having to go to physical therapy after an accident, injury, or surgery.

Here’s some information about East Meadow, including where you can find things like physical therapy.


The history of East Meadow dates back to 1655 – well before the American Revolution was a thought in anyone’s mind. There were two surveyors walking around Hempstead and an area they designated as the “east meadow” due to it being an excellent place for their cattle to graze. Sheep were added in the 18th century – and nearly 50% of the American wool industry was run out of this area.

British forces took over this area during the aforementioned Revolutionary War, since they liked all the livestock that was there. Of course, Americans took over again after it ended, and President George Washington was rumored to have stayed at the estate of one of the owners of the two large farms in 1790. The Hempstead Turnpike was made in 1812, and a toll booth was put near one of the farms.

Over the years, East Meadow continued to gain residents until it reached the current population of nearly 40,000 people.

Other Information

There are two things that draw people to East Meadow – it’s very family friendly and the public school system is excellent. Also, it is fairly diverse and it has quality nightlife for those who are interested in that. The residents are a mere 30-minute train ride on the Long Island Railroad from New York City, which is another draw. They can enjoy the peace and quiet of a suburb while still being within decent distance of urban life, if they so choose.

Places to Go

This is a great place to live if you are physically active. Eisenhower Park is a popular destination, with plenty of things to do, including a batting cage, miniature golf, and both baseball and soccer fields. If you prefer to hit golf balls a long way, there’s a driving range, too, along with a nearby 18-hole golf course. There is a lot of variety for people of all skills and activity levels. If you like to walk, this is a perfect destination.

The next attraction is more of a warm weather thing, but people who may harbor a secret dream to be a circus acrobat go to the I. Fly Trapeze Center. There they can learn the secrets of being a high-flying trapeze artist (with numerous safety precautions to prevent anyone from immediately having to go to the hospital and then subsequent physical therapy).

If you like being on the water, there is kayaking. If you like seeing things that fly in the air, there is the Cradle of Aviation Museum, which has all kinds of airplanes from many different decades. There are some festivals and expos – but it remains to be seen what will happen to those in the wake of Covid-19.

While all of this is quite exciting, there are chances that you might wind up needing physical therapy after something happens – perhaps you got ahead of yourself on a soccer field. How do you find something like that in East Meadow? It’s pretty simple. First, you can see if your neighbors know anyone. Your health insurance provider may have a list. Talk to your doctor.

If all that fails, you can always go to where you’re reading this now – the Internet. Do a search for a physical therapist in East Meadow. Look at the results that pop up on reputable sites and narrow things down to what works for you. Call the offices and see how they answer any questions you may have. See what availability a physical therapist may have – and how they listen to you. Then listen to your gut and go.

Once you go, look at the set-up. Is it a nice office? Do they keep it clean and sterile or does it look like something that was last vacuumed when the first George Bush was President? Is the staff attentive? You are the one who is in charge of how your body recovers. If something doesn’t feel right, you can always seek out another physical therapist.

People who live in East Meadow are a short 10-minute drive away from Phoenix Physical Therapy Rehabilitation PLLC in New York. When they get there, they will be helped by an amazing staff that will work closely with them to reach their physical therapy goals and to get in the best possible condition. Give them a call today at 347-733-1916 to see what they can do for you. They thoroughly clean in between clients to ensure that you have a safe visit.


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