Physical Therapy In Valley Stream NYYou’ve been living your life in Valley Stream, New York as peacefully as you can. You work, raise your family, spend time with your friends… but you also find that as you get older, you get more prone to injuries. It may be because you’ve gained some weight. I may be because you sit for long hours at work… Spending all that time with family or friends, along with work, does not give you as much time to do things, like going to the gym as you did when you were younger.

Valley Stream is a village of about 38,000 people that’s in Nassau County. It’s been highly ranked in publications like Money Magazine as a great place to live in New York State. The village itself is roughly 3.4 square miles and is split up into eight sections: Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, South Valley Stream, North Woodmere, Gibson, Mill Brook, Westbrook, and Winslow Estate. It’s accessible via the Long Island Rail Road.

There’s a long history here – what became Valley Stream was purchased in 1640 from the Native Americans. It was not heavily populated for a long time, with about 20 families living there. Valley Stream came about when Robert Pagan, a resident, petitioned for the area to get a post office, since it was a long trek to Hempstead. He became postmaster and Valley Stream became the name of the village.

If you like to drink Snapple, you should know that it originated in Valley Stream in 1972.

So now you are looking for a physical therapist near the Valley Stream area? What are some things that you should think about when casting your search?

Individual Attention

One problem that patients have when they do physical therapy is that they don’t receive enough one-on-one attention. It may feel more like a group effort than anything. People thrive when they get individualized instruction in anything and can feel like they are falling through the cracks when they aren’t being monitored closely enough. When you go to a physical therapist, see how much they try to work with you one-on-one. Do not hesitate to trust your instincts and seek another physical therapist if you feel like you’re not being paid enough attention.


There are few things more aggravating than getting into a routine with someone and then having it switched up all the time. You can develop a rapport with one physical therapist… and then you come in one day and there’s someone different waiting for you. That one may have a completely different approach, personality and philosophy than the one you’re used to working with. Consistency is another strong part of getting the most out of your physical therapy program, and not knowing who you’ll be working with on a given day can cause more stress than anything.

When it comes to this, Phoenix Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation makes sure that you get individual attention. Each and every patient is important, with specific needs and thresholds. They never take a “one size fits all” approach. Also, when you come to the clinic, you will work with the same person throughout your whole regimen. There won’t be a different person waiting for you when you walk through the door. Additionally, they have two locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Queens, which means it’s convenient for people in the outer boroughs – no having to go to Manhattan. All this adds up to a great physical therapy experience for you.