Are you looking for physical therapy in Bensonhurst?

Bensonhurst Physical TherapyIt’s amazing how fast life can seem to go by. It seems like one second you’re graduating high school and going off to college and then the very next one, you’re already in your 40’s and you do not have the same body that you did back then. What was once easy, like running, stretching or even just walking up a flight of stairs is something that has become exponentially more difficult. Your knees, back and other parts of your body are in constant states of pain. This is also a likely change from your college days – you have gone from being fairly active to a sedentary job that often requires you to sit for long hours at a desk and that can make your posture become very bad.

If you live in Bensonhurst, you’re living in a burgeoning part of Brooklyn. A little over 150,000 people were counted in the last census. One of the main demographics are Chinese people, with it even earning a “Chinatown” nickname, so it’s a place to go if you like to eat their cuisine or see their culture up close. It’s also known as Little Hong Kong or Little Guangdong. There is also a heavy Italian presence, with a “Little Italy” area,so if you like Italian food, this is the place for you. Lenny’s Pizza, which was shown in the opening scenes of “Saturday Night Fever” is still open.

There are no boundaries that officially mark off what is considered Bensonhurst, but its residents consider the area to run from 86th Street to 14th Avenue to 60th Street to McDonald Avenue to Avenue P to the Bay Parkway. One notable area to go to is Milestone Park.

Starting Off

So, you need to start physical therapy, whether it’s from an injury sustained at the gym when you were trying to get back in shape or it’s from pain from sitting with the wrong posture at work – your doctor has said that you need to have a physical therapist guide you to wellness. How do you find one? Your doctor or insurance may have specific ones in mind, but you can also look around. All you have to do is search for “Physical Therapy Bensonhurst” on whatever Internet search engine that you use and at least several should pop up. Do some research on each one before deciding one which one to visit first. This is your body we’re talking about, so you need to be sure you’re choosing the right one. ZocDoc could be one such resource.

Once You Get There

Your next step is going to the physical therapist. The most important thing you can do once you meet him or her is communicate. Tell them what your doctor said, what contributed to your injury or painful condition. Answer their questions thoroughly. That way, they can map out a clear path to helping you regain your strength and stamina so that you can go back to being the vital person you were before. Be sure to follow their instructions and push yourself as hard as you can… but not through pain. There’s going to be some discomfort, but trying to work through pain can set you back even further. Do any at-home exercises that they tell you.


The important thing to do is maintain your exercise routine even after you finish physical therapy. That’s a chief complaint of both patients and physical therapists alike: relapse. If you do not stay active, your bad habits will resurface and that also means that your pain will return like an unwanted visitor. Do all of this, and you will be able to continue enjoying your Bensonhurst neighborhood like you had before.