Phoenix Physical helps you with your Lower Back PainNew York weather is funny. Oftentimes it’s either too cold or too hot to spend outside for extended periods of time. At this time, the needle has moved to the “COLD” setting, and the thought of having to bundle up to go outside to even do something like get groceries can be too much. So… people spend more time indoors and do things like sit around. Being sedentary can lead to bad posture… which can lead to back injuries, especially the lower back. Then the season can get really miserable.

It’s important to get that remedied, since Spring and the warmer weather will be along before one knows it… and there’s fewer things more frustrating than having to put off enjoying that because trying to stand up with lower back pain can be nearly debilitating to some. So, it’s time to show the best lower back exercises for people to be able to feel 100%… though it’s best to work alongside a trainer to ensure the best form and to not risk causing a relapse in the back pain.

These are some exercises that can help your lower back – though it’s very important to stick to proper form when doing them:

  • Partial crunches: This is not a full crunch. Lie on the floor… and keep your tailbone, feet and lower back on the floor. Only lift up your shoulders while not using your arms. Do this 8 to 12 times.
  • Hamstring stretches: Lay down on your back and lift one leg up while keeping the other one bent. Use a towel to pull down on the foot of the raised leg. Do this slowly and you should feel your hamstring stretch. Looser hamstrings are good for lower back.
  • Wall sit: Put your back against a wall and pretend that you’re sitting in an invisible chair. Do this for 10 seconds for each rep and do it 8-12 times.

Just as there are some good exercises, there are ones to avoid so that you don’t make your back situation go from poor to even worse:

  • Toe touches: These can hurt way more than your back – you could wind up damaging discs and ligaments in your spine and also hurt your hamstrings and the very lower back muscles that you are trying to strengthen.
  • Sit ups: This can really hurt your back, which is why it’s better to do those aforementioned partial crunches.
  • Leg Lifts: Doing this can make a weak back even worse.

The staff at Phoenix Physical Therapy knows all about back pain. They have two convenient locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Rosedale. After working with them, patients will often find their back feeling the best it has in a long time.