Interior of Phoenix Physical Therapy RehabPhysical therapy encompasses a wide variety of methods. The center focuses on the delivery of manual therapies that are designed to relieve pain and restore motion to the joints, back and pelvic floor. These services are especially helpful to people who may have been injured or overworked their joints on a bumpy bus or subway ride to other parts of Queens or in their work at Kennedy Airport.

About Queens 11422

The Rosedale neighborhood of Queens was used as farm land until the Southern Railroad of Long Island built a transportation hub for workers to get to downtown New York City. More roads were built, connecting the area to downtown NYC and the other boroughs of New York City. World War II saw a rapid growth in the community, turning it into the suburban oasis that it is today.

Manual Therapies

The manual therapies offered include adjustment of the joints so that they fit together properly. This is accomplished with the physical therapists hands and devices such as pulleys and resistance bands. Other manual therapy services include the Mulligan mobilizations for the neck and cervical spine.

Services for Injury and Surgery Rehab

After an injury or surgery, scar tissue may form. This could restrict a person’s range of motion and cause strain on nearby soft tissues. A joint repair or replacement surgery could weaken the nearby ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Conditions That Are Treated

Physical therapy is often recommended by medical doctors as a way to aid in the recovery of many different types of injuries and conditions. The physical therapists in 11422 offer services related to conditions including headaches and pinched nerves that cause numbness and tingling. Neck and back pain from auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and workplace injuries such as heavy lifting are also cared for by the physical therapists. People who have hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder pain or weakness also benefit from physical therapy strengthening exercises. Patients with postural defects, arthritis and sciatica can learn new ergonomic ways of doing everyday activities in order to reduce their pain. Sprains and strains also benefit from physical therapy.