Phoenix Physical Therapy in Jamaica Queens helps you with your Lower Back PainHave you been living in Jamaica, NY for some time?

There’s just something about living in the area that’s bustling all on its own and also being a short train ride from Manhattan. Did you go to school in the area or found a job nearby?

Did you notice that as time went by, your body began to rebel, especially your lower back?

It seems like nothing in particular can set off your lower-back pain. You can be doing something that you have done many times before, like putting your shoes on, and your back locks up…

There’s no rhyme or reason for when it happens. But when it does, it can be devastating at first since the simple act of walking can become a seemingly impossible chore, since you can’t even stand up. I can improve in some time… But now, what can you do about that?

What is the best approach to relieve and treat your lower back pain? Here are things that you can try:

Do Exercises

 Once the pain is gone, you want to strengthen the muscles of your lower back so that they can withstand what it was that caused the injury in the first place. If your abdominal, hip and pelvic muscles are all strong, that will help. It’s called a core area and keeping the core strong can be really beneficial for you . The one exercise is abdominal crunches, since that can hurt your back even more since you’re straining it with the motion of the exercise.

Shed Some Pounds

Yes, having extra weight can be very hard on your body, especially your back. Watch your diet, exercise and get a good amount of sleep each night. All three of those things can help you get rid of that excess poundage. While heavier people are not exclusively the ones to get lower back pain, it is a factor. Becoming thinner can have a host of other benefits, ranging from lower blood pressure to better sleep since heavier people are also more prone to sleep apnea.

There are times when you should see a doctor for your back pain, though, like if you can’t control your bowel or bladder, if you can’t stand up or walk even after some rest, or if you cannot get comfortable while you sit or lay down. Then it’s best to just rule out anything serious. Otherwise, just follow these steps and you should be happier with the state of your back.

Phoenix Physical Therapy has an office in Brooklyn and it also has another one in Rosedale, which is also in Queens. It’s a roughly 20-minute drive, depending on the traffic conditions. The staff there will be glad to work with you on improving your lower back and they will tell you the best approach to lower back pain.

A bit about the Town

Jamaica, which was first settled in 1655, is considered a middle-class neighborhood and it’s actually part of a larger community board, Queens Community Board 12. Nearly 220,000 people live in the area, which is a shade under three miles. The population is largely African-American, with Hispanics, Asians and White people also in the mix. It is an area on the upswing, with real estate prices on the rise.

Jamaica has several landmarks, including the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce building, the sidewalk clock at 161-11 Jamaica Avenue. The Federal Aviation Administration has its Eastern Region headquarters and St. John’s University has a campus in the area.