Park Slope Physical Therapy

Life can move fast, especially once you get out of college and start a career. You may or may not start a family immediately after that, but a lot of other things can happen too. A move may be in the cards too, to a nice area like, say… Park Slope. You do your best to stay in shape, but your body doesn’t always want to cooperate. Keeping weight off, which was a lot easier when you were younger, becomes a lot more difficult as time goes on. Clothes begin to become more ill-fitting, and it’s not the fault of the manufacturer this time. Injuries may come up, due to a variety of reasons, ranging from your posture to mobility issues, to sports injuries. You may have also had surgery on an area like your knee. Just going to the gym yourself anymore isn’t going to cut it – you need to go to a physical therapy place.

Starting Physical Therapy

Why would you need physical therapy? It’s important that you get guided instructions on exercises that will help you get back into the shape that you were in before your injury. If you try to go this alone, the results could be disastrous… and you could hurt yourself even worse, which would lead to a cycle that you don’t want. So, you look for a physical therapist. First, you can do an online search by typing in something like “Park Slope Physical Therapy” in a search engine and then study the results. You can also use sites like ZocDoc or go through word of mouth. You’ve decided on one that’s near you and set up an appointment.


You’ve gone to a nearby physical therapist and you’re sitting in front of them for your first appointment/consultation. It’s really important that you explain everything that has happened to you to necessitate this appointment. The physical therapist will examine you and then come up with a course of action. You need to follow these instructions and give the effort that the physical therapist wants, otherwise both of you are wasting your time. That’s not to say that you try to push through pain – there’s a difference between pain and discomfort. If you try to gut through the pain, then you could exacerbate the injury/surgical area. The physical therapist will work with you, but you need to work with them too to get the best results.

Follow Through

One of the complaints that a physical therapist may have is that their patients don’t continue their exercise routine if they wind up leaving too early – though that may be due to health insurance restrictions rather than any lack of motivation on their part. Honestly, there are a lot of people who simply cannot afford to pay for health insurance out of their own pocket, no matter what sort of sliding scale that’s implemented.

There a lot of choices for physical therapy in Park Slope, but if you follow all the advice that was listed above, you’ll find that everything should go much smoother than if you went looking around blindly. Then, after you’ve completed your sessions and continue maintaining it afterwards, you’ll be glad that you prepared like you did.  Afterwards, you can go out and enjoy everything your neighborhood has to offer, pain-free.


Park Slope, which is in Brooklyn, is in the area of both Prospect Park, Prospect Park West, Fourth Avenue, Flatbush Avenue, and Prospect Expressway. which act like the borders of the neighborhood. It can be split into three areas – the “North Slope”, which runs from Flatbush Avenue to Garfield Place, the “Center Slope”, which extends from First through Ninth Street, and the “South Slope”, which is south from 10th Street. The name derives from it being near on a slope near Prospect Park.

There are a lot of things to do in Park Slope, ranging from restaurants to stores to easy access to places like the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Central Library. It’s become a really sought-after place for young families to raise their children.

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